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The Back-handed Apology

What is it, you ask? It’s one of my personal favorites. It’s apologizing, but not really. In fact, it’s apologizing for someone else instead of for your own ridiculous behavior. “I’m...

25 Jun 2008

How Kristie Macrakis Got “the Goods”

Further to last week’s Washington Times article about Seduced by Secrets, Harvard Magazine‘s own piece about Makcrakis and her research gives us a glimpse at the woman behind the research behind...

24 Jun 2008

Neil Kent’s Swedish History Smorgasboard

This week — Sweden: the Colonial Power Neil Kent’s Swedish History Smorgasboard brings us tidbits and snippets about a country that many Americans, myself included, sadly know little about....

Neil Kent | 23 Jun 2008

Darwin Letter Friday

Darwin on the Isle of Wight This week in Darwin’s correspondence: June 18, 1858, 150 years ago — Darwin writes to Charles Lyell from the Isle of Wight, a little island 3 miles from the South...

20 Jun 2008

Spoken Word: War Poetry on Quiddity

WUIS program Quiddity, the radio-arm of the literary magazine, devotes an episode to war poetry and soldier-poets. We’ve been reading our share of war poetry here with James Winn and The Poetry of...

19 Jun 2008

Where does the US hedge its bets in Asia?

Historically, it’s been Japan. William Overholt of the RAND Corporation argues that the US stabilized Asia very effectively by developing and allying with Japan post World War II. But is Japan...

18 Jun 2008

How did Cold War-era spies get "the goods"?

Just ask Kristie Macrakis. The Washington Times ran a recent story on a books about spying in the era of the Iron Curtain — both sides, in fact. On the East German side, they discuss Seduced by Secrets. *...

17 Jun 2008

The State of SOL Reform

Pennsylvania is the latest battleground in the reform of Statutes of Limitations for child abusers. Read Marci Hamilton on FindLaw every Thursday There is a national grassroots movement to eliminate the...

Marci A. Hamilton | 13 Jun 2008

Yeah, I did it.

The marriage was lovely; the reception fun. I think my mom broke a small plate by knocking it off a table during a conga line. The folks in Scotland were most friendly, and the haggis was absolutely delicious....

12 Jun 2008

Marci Clarifies the Decisions of the Texas Courts’ Ruling on the FLDS

Why The Texas Supreme Court’s Ruling Regarding the FLDS Mothers Is Significantly More Protective of the Children Involved than the Media Have Painted It To Be for findlaw Recently, the Texas Supreme...

Marci A. Hamilton | 5 Jun 2008

Charles Bamforth in the LA Times

Charles Perry of the Los Angeles Times, talks with Charles Bamforth, author of Grape Vs. Grain, about the role of a beer connoisseur at a university known for its winemaking. Now that’s the kind...

4 Jun 2008

Timothy Lynch and Robert Singh in today’s Wall Street Journal

The authors of After Bush: The Case for Continuity in American Foreign Policy are featured in June 2’s Wall Street Journal give us their take on George Bush and the fate of US Foreign Policy post...

Robert S. Singh, Timothy J. Lynch | 2 Jun 2008