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  • 29 Apr 2019
    Alf Hornborg

    Unraveling the money-energy-technology complex

    We have heard it a thousand times. The world is going downhill and it’s the “system’s” fault. To save the planet, we must change the “system.” But what do we mean by the “system”? Capitalism? Is it “capitalism” that makes nations, corporations, and individuals seek out the best deals – which promotes low-wage labor and […]

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  • 3 Jan 2019
    Arpad Szakolczai, Bjørn Thomassen

    Rethinking the Social Sciences

    Social theory is that kind of theory which should help us to understand and explain this modern world in which we all live. What caused the rise of the modern world? What are the driving forces of the constant change inherent to modernity? And what is the underlying ‘spirit’ of such forces? Social theory – […]

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