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    Guides to the Coinage of the Ancient World

    Using Coins as Sources

    We hope you have been enjoying The Cambridge Forum webinar series! A couple of weeks ago, we had a great session exploring what coins can tell us about the Classical world, featuring Dr Gilles Bransbourg,...

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    The Single Life in the Roman and Later Roman World

    “What a great topic” – “I had never ever thought about it” – “There should be a book about this” – “Let’s discuss this further, later on”. Such were almost invariably the reactions...

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    Notes of a Bookseller: Victorian Spring

    About the Cambridge University Press Bookshop Cambridge University Press Bookshop opened in 1992, but the shop itself has been around for a great deal longer and selling books all the while; since 1581,...

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    Into the Intro – The Ancient City

    An introduction from Commisioning Editor Michael Sharp The ancient Greek and Roman worlds were defined by their cities. Ancient Greece actually comprised a large collection of cities, some of which founded...

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