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  • 9 Jun 2023
    Kunal Sen

    The UNU-WIDER-CUP Elements series in Development Economics, Six Months On

    Its been a busy six months since the launch of the UNU-WIDER-CUP Elements series in Development Economics in November 2022. Three titles have been published, the first was  The 1918–20 influenza pandemic: A retrospective in the time of COVID-19, by Prema-chandra Athukorala and Chaturica Athukorala, which provides an analysis of the research from the last century […]

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  • 6 Jun 2023
    Ian Ayres, Quinn Curtis

    Guardrailing Retirement Choices for Investor Success

    It’s hard to believe, but an increasing number of retirement plans are allowing employees to invest their 401(k) saving in non-conventional assets – including crypto currency funds and meme stocks.  On the one hand, limited exposure to esoteric investments can provide some diversification benefits, on the other hand, the investors who are interested in these […]

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  • 24 Mar 2023
    Randall G. Holcombe

    How Do Voters Form Their Political Preferences? They Follow Their Leaders

    A romantic notion of democracy depicts democratic governments as accountable to their citizens and acting in their citizens’ interests. Academic analyses of democratic decision-making support this view. Voters have preferences, and parties and candidates adjust their platforms to conform with voter preferences. In reality, voters have little incentive to become informed about public policy issues, […]

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  • 10 Jan 2023
    Beate Sjåfjell, Charlotte Villiers, Georgina Tsagas

    Sustainable Value Creation in the European Union

    Sustainability is on the agenda of many policymakers, businesses, civil society organisations and academia. The publication of the book Sustainable Value Creation in the European Union is therefore especially timely,as it offers insight on how the European Union has failed to achieve its overarching sustainability goals, and suggestions on how we should move forward. The […]

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  • 5 Dec 2022
    James J. Park

    Lying About Innovation

    The federal convictions of two founders of technology companies over the last year has illustrated the fine line between the over-optimism of entrepreneurs who believe they can change the world and the criminal intent to defraud investors. As it has become routine for stock valuations to reflect the future profits that may be generated by […]

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  • 17 Nov 2022
    Morten Sørensen Thaning, Johan Gersel, Daniel Scott Souleles

    Would You Like A Book That Ends Neoliberal Indoctrination?

    The Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has a peculiar reputation among universities devoted to practical education. When many people think of CBS, they think of all the humanities and social science scholars and degree programs that live there. After all, it’s not many business schools where one is able to take a degree in Philosophy and […]

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  • 8 Nov 2022
    Simon Commander, Saul Estrin

    Authoritarianism: a force unchained?

    Authoritarian government seems to be a rising force. Over 40 countries are presently autocratic with around 55% of the world’s population living under some form of authoritarian regime. At the same time, even in stable democracies, many citizens feel discontent with their political arrangements, especially young people. For example, in the UK, 61% of 18-34s […]

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  • 2 Nov 2022
    Jordi Canals

    Dynamic companies, the governance paradox and the board of directors of the future

    Innovative companies are a critical pillar of dynamic societies. The modern firm is a formidable institution that offers valuable solutions to citizens’ problems, creates jobs, fosters scientific discovery, speeds up innovation and spreads prosperity. While these achievements are true, there is also evidence of frictions and crises in the corporate world related with firms’ governance. […]

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