Fifteen Eighty Four

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(Re)discovering the Basics of Therapy: A Continuing Process for Psychotherapists

As clinicians involved in training and supervision, we have observed in others and ourselves how starting psychotherapy with a patient is often anxiety-provoking for both parties. This experience may...

Adam Polnay, Rhiannon Pugh | 29 Nov 2023

Psychology’s Voice in Environmental Advocacy

Blog #4 in the ‘Psychology and its Antecedents’ series On October 16th in the United States, the Public Broadcasting Service premiered a new Ken Burns film, The American Buffalo. This program examines...

James F. Brennan, Keith A. Houde | 27 Nov 2023

Do we eat too much? Lessons from the past, from the land of the hunger artists

In the late nineteenth century, many attributed the longevity of the famous French chemist Michel Eugène Chevreul (1786-1889) – 103 years old! – to his abiding frugality. Some doctors...

Agustí Nieto-Galan | 26 Nov 2023

The Buddha in the Modern West

Buddha and the Lame Kid During the first decades of the twenty-first century, the Buddha has become part of Western popular culture, on occasion little more than a commodity on the shelf in the...

Philip C. Almond | 24 Nov 2023

Criteria of the Heart: Dr. Johnson at the Travelodge

In the summer of 1968 at the age of eighteen, I received my undergraduate first year reading list from my tutor at Lincoln College. Johnson’s Lives of the Poets, the little two-volume hardback...

Philip Smallwood | 23 Nov 2023

Staël, Romanticism and Revolution: The Life and Times of the First European

The story goes that when Napoleon met Staël, he told her he didn’t like women talking politics. And she replied that in a period...

John Claiborne Isbell | 23 Nov 2023

Exploring the Three P’s of Conservation: Products, Protection, and Processes

Conservation in the Context of a Changing World: Concepts, Strategies, and Evidence Many issues in contemporary conservation provoke strong responses. Rewilding, mother trees, megafaunal extinctions,...

Bertie J. Weddell | 23 Nov 2023

How can we fight for racial justice? Lessons from Young Black Changemakers

The events of 2020 are unforgettable. What do you most remember when you look back on this time? Surely, the COVID-19 pandemic comes to mind. Also, the presidential election. We can’t forget May 25th,...

Laura Wray-Lake, Elan C. Hope, Laura S. Abrams | 22 Nov 2023

Caring for cultural heritage

The journey towards caring for cultural heritageI have been interested for many years in how the UK looks after cultural heritage by law and ethical principles. I came to adopt the framework of care,...

Charlotte Woodhead | 21 Nov 2023

Who is an Explorer?

              When the submersible Titan imploded on its descent to the wreckage of the Titanic this past June, its five victims...

Dane Kennedy | 20 Nov 2023

Hitler, the Hotel Guest

Luggage tag from the Hotel Kaiserhof, ca. 1910 In February 1931, two years before he became chancellor, Adolf Hitler checked in to Berlin’s Hotel Kaiserhof and made it his headquarters in the...

Adam Bisno | 17 Nov 2023

Beyond the Holiday Season: Gifts and the Atlantic Slave Trade

If you have been following the news in the past months, you may have read that Democrats in the United States reported that the White House under Donald Trump failed to report gifts received by the...

Ana Lucia Araujo | 16 Nov 2023