Celebrity Hemingway Interview Series: Len Cariou of the Off-Broadway Play PAPA

Written by: Diana Rissetto


“The character is so vivid, even now, in my mind.” Stage and screen legend Len Cariou looks back at playing Ernest Hemingway in PAPA.


To celebrate the recent release of The Letters of Ernest Hemingway-Volume 4: 1929-1931, we have been chatting with actors who have brought Hemingway to life on stage or screen over the years.

We have sat down with #SoapStarHemingway and #YouTubeHemingway, and this week, I talk to legendary screen and stage star, Len Cariou (Sweeney Todd, Blue Bloods), about his experiences playing Ernest Hemingway in the 1996 Off-Broadway play PAPA.

Although over twenty years have passed, Cariou looks back at his time portraying Hemingway in great detail and with heartfelt and thoughtful reflection.

*This interview was filmed at the Hemingway African Gallery and Cambridge University Press gratefully thanks Logan Gaisford for her assistance.

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