My Favorite Martians


My Favorite Martians

7 fictional aliens that would make great companions (and a few that should stay lightyears away!)


As writers, filmmakers, philosophers, and scientists have imagined encountering other worlds, they have created some memorable extraterrestrials, both friendly and fearsome, that have inspired the masses to dream about who we might discover in the far reaches of space—and how alien contact might change our lives. Here are seven of those fictional aliens we wouldn’t mind meeting. Click each slide to view its caption and check out this month’s installment of The Cambridge Book Club for more.

And of course, a list of friendly aliens would be incomplete without a shout-out to our famous fictional extraterrestrial foes. Here are the top four aliens we hope stay fictional. Click each slide to view its caption.

Fiction makes it clear: alien life is on our minds, and we’re both excited and anxious about the life forms we might find as we explore the universe. Pick your favorite extraterrestrial in the poll below—and let us know who we forgot!

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