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  • 26 Aug 2021
    Jácome (Jay) Armas

    Conversations on Quantum Gravity

    ‘Conversations on quantum gravity’ is physicist Jay Armas’ new book on the ongoing search for a theory of everything. In the book, Armas talks to 37 researchers – including five Nobel laureates and two Fields medalists - who share the current debates, the impact of their own discoveries and those of others, and their motivations to pursue the biggest questions about the world around us.

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  • 21 Oct 2008
    Shahn Majid

    NASA Space Telescope to Test New Theory of Space and Time

    Is it impossible to pin down both where and when an event takes place, due to quantum gravity effects? Shahn Majid explains why this may be. In these posts I have emphasized ideas on the cutting edge of fundamental science which have testable predictions or other contact with experiment, rather than being merely fashionable. Now, […]

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