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  • 5 Dec 2022
    James J. Park

    Lying About Innovation

    The federal convictions of two founders of technology companies over the last year has illustrated the fine line between the over-optimism of entrepreneurs who believe they can change the world and the criminal intent to defraud investors. As it has become routine for stock valuations to reflect the future profits that may be generated by […]

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  • 15 Oct 2018
    Jocelyn Pixley

    Central Banks, Democratic States and Financial Power

    When the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of England purchased bank and state debt during the 2007–2008 crisis, it became apparent that, when technically divorced from fiscal policy, monetary policy cannot revive but only prevent economic activity deteriorating further. Pixley explains how conflicting social forces shape the diverse, complex relations of central banks […]

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  • 26 May 2017
    Guy Thomas

    Insurance and adverse selection: counter-argument

    My previous blog summarised the orthodox argument why adverse selection in insurance is a bad thing. This present blog gives the counter-argument from my book Loss Coverage: Why Insurance Works Better with Some Adverse Selection. In essence, the counter-argument relies only on simple arithmetic, and can be illustrated by a toy example. Think of a […]

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  • 25 May 2017
    Guy Thomas

    Insurance and adverse selection: orthodoxy

    Guy Thomas explores why adverse selection in insurance is usually seen as a bad thing in the first of two blog posts based on his new book Loss Coverage.

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  • 5 Oct 2016
    Bert A. Spector

    More on Ideology and Leadership

    All leadership is ideological; all business is ideological. I’ve made this argument in an earlier blog, “The Myth of Pragmatic Leadership,” as well as in Discourse on Leadership: A Critical Analysis.  Over the weekend, this matter burst into the public spotlight with the revelation that one of the Presidential candidates claimed a nearly $1 billion […]

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  • 9 Jan 2014
    Mauro F. Guillén, Emilio Ontiveros

    A New Financial Scenario For 2014

    Mauro F. Guillén and Emilio Ontiveros, co-authors of Global Turning Points: Meeting the Challenges for Business in the 21st Century (2012), talk about the financial situation and its challenges in 2014.

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  • 28 Feb 2012
    Johan A. Lybeck

    Learning From the Global Financial Crash

    It has been two years since the financial crash that wreaked so much havoc in global economies. Yet have we learned the main lessons and implemented the necessary steps to avoid another? Is it even possible?

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