Sarah Hatchuel

Fifteen Eighty Four


Author: Sarah Hatchuel

SARAH HATCHUEL is Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, and former President of the Société Française Shakespeare. She has written extensively on adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays (L’Écran shakespearien, 2022; Shakespeare and the Cleopatra/Caesar Intertext: Sequel, Conflation, Remake, 2011; Shakespeare, from Stage to Screen, Cambridge University Press, 2004; A Companion to the Shakespearean Films of Kenneth Branagh, 2000) and on TV series (Lost: Fiction vitale, 2013; Rêves et series américaines: la fabrique d’autres mondes, 2015; The Leftovers: le troisième côté du miroir, 2019).

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