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Fifteen Eighty Four


Author: Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher, PhD Biological Anthropologist, is Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute and Chief Science Advisor to Match.com. She uses brain scanning (fMRI) to study the neural systems associated with the sex drive, romantic love, attachment, rejection, partnership happiness and the biological basis of personality. She has written six internationally-selling books on romantic love and future sex, including: WHY WE LOVE; WHY HIM? WHY HER?; and ANATOMY OF LOVE (2ND ed). Fisher’s lectures include talks at: The World Economic Forum (Davos), The Aspen Institute, The United Nations, The Economist, The Salk Institute, The Smithsonian Institution, the American Psychiatric Association, and many other conferences in the United States and abroad. Fisher is a TED All-Star with over 11 million views of her TED talks, a recipient of the American Anthropological Association’s Distinguished Service Award for her work at presenting anthropological data to the lay public; and chosen in 2015 by Business Insider as one of “The Fifteen Most Amazing Women in Science.”

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