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Fifteen Eighty Four


Author: Deirdre LeFaye

Deirdre Le Faye is now retired and lives in Portishead, North Somerset; prior to her retirement she worked for many years in the Department of Medieval & Later Antiquities in the British Museum. She has been researching and publishing on the life and times of Jane Austen and her family for forty years, ad in 2014 the Royal Society of Literature awarded her its Benson Medal for her work in this respect. She has edited Jane Austen’s Letters (OUP, 1995, 2011), and written the definitive factual biography Jane Austen, A Family Record (BL 1989, revised and enlarged 2nd edition CUP, 2004), together with numerous other articles and books. Her most recent publications are A Chronology of Jane Austen and her Family 1600-2000 (CUP, 2013), and Jane Austen’s Country Life (Frances Lincoln, 2014).

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