Fifteen Eighty Four

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When (Local) Government Restrains Radicals

Populist radical right parties and their threat to European democracies continue to develop at the local level of politics. A recent episode highlighted the importance of events in this often ignored...

Fred Paxton | 17 Aug 2023

Men, Masculinity, & Psychology

Blog #3 in the, Psychology and its Antecedents, series Earlier this summer, several articles appeared in the New York Times about masculinity and how the concept and its expectations are evolving in...

James F. Brennan | 16 Aug 2023

I Hate War! How can I be guilty?

Before Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, many Ukrainians didn’t believe it would happen. When it did, Ukraine immediately declared a general mobilization-and a mass of Ukrainians who had been...

Andrew Lincoln | 16 Aug 2023

Bishops and Verbal Sparring in Early Byzantium

In today’s athletics, the message is clear: Win at all costs. In classical Greece, by contrast, competition was not just about winning. Yes, victors received lavish awards, but participation itself...

Nathan D. Howard | 16 Aug 2023

The Cambridge Companion to the American Graphic Novel

What is the American Graphic Novel? Why is it important to study its form, history, and content, and how should one approach this endeavor while opening new ground for the examination of graphic narrative...

Hugo Frey, Jan Baetens, Fabrice Leroy | 12 Aug 2023


It has been widely observed that in recent years political debate has degenerated into ever more aggressive partisan mudslinging and character assassination, with no room for a reasoned and non-rancorous...

Waller R. Newell | 11 Aug 2023

Swiss Law as One of the Most Popular Laws Governing International Commercial Contracts

Despite the existence of soft law instruments specifically created for international commercial contracts, most notably the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts 2016, national laws...

Christoph Müller | 10 Aug 2023

Gynaecology for the Obstetrician: a must read for every Obstetrician

The origins of women’s health before the establishment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology as a specialty was predominantly by women who were unqualified midwives, often without any medical training and steeped...

Swati Jha, Priya Madhuvrata | 9 Aug 2023

Picturing Postwar Disability

On the cover of Prosthetic Agency is a picture that tells a story. A man in civilian clothes sits at a bar, holding his prosthetic foot. There’s a pint of beer in front of him and over his shoulder...

Professor Gill Plain | 8 Aug 2023

Women and Medieval Literary Culture from the Early Middle Ages to the Fifteenth Century

Women and Medieval Literary Culture from the Early Middle Ages to the Fifteenth Century unpacks the complex relationships of women with medieval literary culture across the longue durée, exploring scribes...

Corinne Saunders, Diane Watt | 8 Aug 2023

Turning Creativity Into Innovation

I enjoy writing articles and books that integrate ideas, which resulted in my most recent book Encouraging Innovation: Cognition, Education, and Implementation. The first section of the book discusses...

Stephen K. Reed | 7 Aug 2023

Chinese Porcelain in Renaissance Italy

How did a large collection of Chinese porcelain end up in a court in Northern Italy in the late fifteenth century? That was the question that started my book project off. It brought me to various places...

Leah R. Clark | 3 Aug 2023