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David Friedman in the SF Chronicle

A San Francisco Chronicle reporter recently met with Future Imperfect author David Friedman, to speak about the book. The interview appears in today’s Chronicle. Aside from discussing the usual doomsday...

29 Sep 2008

No Justice for Dallas Rape

Justice Denied author Marci Hamilton sent me yet another story demonstrating the frustrating position that law enforcement finds itself in when dealing with childhood sex abuse and the Statute of Limitations.   ‘DALLAS...

26 Sep 2008

Oww! Technologies that Hurt Us

Future Imperfect author David Friedman talks to Forbes about potentially painful technologies. Future Imperfect is full of ’em. But it’s not about how to stop it, it’s about how to manage. ‘Even...

25 Sep 2008

The Martin Gardner Interview Part 2

Continuing from last week, we’ll continue with Don Albers‘ 2004 interview with Martin Gardner right where we left off: Navy Service DA: In December of 1941, the U.S. entered World War II and...

Martin Gardner | 25 Sep 2008


If you consider where we were only seven years ago, the notion that the world and President Bush’s record would be the victim not to terrorism but to bad mortgages would have seemed incredible. And...

Robert S. Singh, Timothy J. Lynch | 24 Sep 2008

Win a New Martin Gardner Book #4

September 24, 2008 [Update] This week is over! The winner, and the current contest, will be announced here. Today, we’ll start on the puzzles from Hexaflexagons, Probability Paradoxes, and the...

24 Sep 2008

Does American liberalism have a future?

The overriding question of James Flynn’s latest book is so great that he’s named his book after it: Where Have all the Liberals Gone? His conclusion: liberals in the US need to show more courage...

23 Sep 2008

Science and Religion – the Physics Angle

There is more subtlety to the evolutionism/creationism debate than many of the loudest voices tend to employ. Continuing his exploration of space and time, Shahn Majid takes a look at science, religious...

22 Sep 2008

Former Rep. Mark Foley Off the Hook

The AP reported Friday that former Congressman Mark Foley, who was accused in 2006 of sending sexually suggestive email messages to underage congressional pages will not be prosecuted in part because Florida’s...

Marci A. Hamilton | 22 Sep 2008

Darwin Letter Friday

As Darwin watches the preparation of the H.M.S. Beagle, he gets (understandably) excited. It also turns out that Captain FitzRoy was popular with the ladies. Darwin fears that he will get seasick on the...

19 Sep 2008

The Martin Gardner Interview

Three years ago, Martin Gardner‘s good friend, MAA Editorial Director Don Albers, interviewed him at length about his childhood, the roots of his fascination with math, and about his career. Over...

Martin Gardner | 18 Sep 2008

Win a New Martin Gardner Book #3

Welcome back! Go to the current contest here >> The entries are really coming in. Thanks to everyone for entering! Also, check out the interview with Gardner that I’ll be posting over the...

17 Sep 2008