Fifteen Eighty Four

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The Cement of the Universe

David Hume famously called causation ‘the cement of the universe’. Indeed, causation is central to many disciplines, not least, the law. Like all legal disciplines, the Law of the World Trade Organization...

Catherine Gascoigne | 1 Sep 2023

Mental Capacity, Dignity and the Power of International Human Rights

This book investigates the complex relationships in law and philosophy between mental capacity, personhood and human rights. The case of people with cognitive disability has been of particular interest...

Julia Duffy | 30 Aug 2023

Rethinking the Human Body: Human-Machinic Intersections in the Greco-Roman World

How modern is the concept of a posthuman, mechanical body which extends beyond its flesh and skin and interacts with inorganic material to the extent of blurring the boundaries between its deep nature...

Maria Gerolemou, George Kazantzidis | 28 Aug 2023

Balancing Justice and Autonomy in Democratic Design

As democracy across the globe faces new stresses and dramatic challenges, the power of the judiciary to reshape electoral procedure is increasingly important. Yet underlying any judicial intervention...

Jacob Eisler | 24 Aug 2023

The Graphic Novel, Old and New

Since the first uses of the term in the 1970s, the graphic novel has been a concept in constant debate and evolution, capturing the new developments and mutations of comics across the last decades, alongside...

Benoît Crucifix | 24 Aug 2023

Theory of liquids, the hard problem

I had a memorable library day trying to find an answer to a question that is simple to formulate: what is a theoretical value of energy and heat capacity of a classical liquid? I looked through all textbooks...

Kostya Trachenko | 22 Aug 2023

Religious Dissimulation and Early Modern Drama

Religious liberty has long been considered as a foundational human right in modern liberal democracies. Article 18 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights specifies that everybody has the ‘freedom,...

Kilian Schindler | 21 Aug 2023

Computational physics gets a revamp

The second edition of my textbook “Numerical Methods in Physics with Python” was published by Cambridge University Press in July 2023. Already since its first edition, the book’s focus...

Alex Gezerlis | 18 Aug 2023

When (Local) Government Restrains Radicals

Populist radical right parties and their threat to European democracies continue to develop at the local level of politics. A recent episode highlighted the importance of events in this often ignored...

Fred Paxton | 17 Aug 2023

Men, Masculinity, & Psychology

Blog #3 in the, Psychology and its Antecedents, series Earlier this summer, several articles appeared in the New York Times about masculinity and how the concept and its expectations are evolving in...

James F. Brennan | 16 Aug 2023

I Hate War! How can I be guilty?

Before Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, many Ukrainians didn’t believe it would happen. When it did, Ukraine immediately declared a general mobilization-and a mass of Ukrainians who had been...

Andrew Lincoln | 16 Aug 2023

Bishops and Verbal Sparring in Early Byzantium

In today’s athletics, the message is clear: Win at all costs. In classical Greece, by contrast, competition was not just about winning. Yes, victors received lavish awards, but participation itself...

Nathan D. Howard | 16 Aug 2023