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Join us for Lockdown Lectures: a Series of Author Q&As on Remote Teaching

Lockdown Lectures

As part of our ongoing goal to help the academic community in these difficult times, we have asked the authors of some of our most popular textbooks to take part in Lockdown Lectures, a series of Facebook Live webinars to help instructors teaching remotely.

In the livestreams, authors will share their advice about remote teaching and how their textbooks can facilitate student engagement, and take questions from colleagues who teach the same topic.

If you want to submit your questions in advance, you can email the Higher Education Team. Alternatively, you can ask your question in the live chat during the event.

Can’t make the event?
Don’t worry, we will record the webinar and share the link afterwards.

More webinars will follow as we finalise arrangements with the authors, please look out for our emails!

Best wishes,
The Higher Education Team

Previous Facebook Lives:

David Cooper, Jessica Blankshain, Nikolas Gvosdev, the authors of Decision-Making in American Foreign Policy.

View Recording

Merry Wiesner-Hanks, author of Women and Gender in Early Modern Europe, and Matthew Restall and Kris Lane, co-authors of Latin America in Colonial Times.

View Recording

Megan Smith, co-author of Key Questions in Second Language Acquisition.

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Kris Karnauskas, author of Physical Oceanography and Climate.

View Recording

Henry W. Lane and Martha L. Maznevski, authors of International Management Behavior.

View Recording

José Luis Bermúdez, author of Cognitive Science.

View Recording

Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, author of Principles of Planetary Climate.

View Recording

Asya Pereltsvaig, author of Languages of the World.

View Recording

Alan Blumberg and Michael Bruno, authors of The Urban Ocean.

View Recording

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