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Why You Should Care About R

John Braun

Data science is on the rise and infiltrating almost every field. Properly educated researchers and professionals with an extensive knowledge of how data analysis and statistics are married together will be essential.
In an interview with The University of British Columbia, Okanagan, author and Professor John Braun explains what he enjoys about the statistical program R and why it is vital for data scientists to understand the available programs in this field.

John Braun, with co-author Duncan Murdoch of the University of Western Ontario, just released the 2nd edition of the bestselling textbook ‘A First Course in Statistical Programming with R.’
This new, color edition of Braun and Murdoch’s bestselling textbook integrates use of the RStudio platform and adds discussion of newer graphics systems, extensive exploration of Markov chain Monte Carlo, expert advice on common error messages, motivating applications of matrix decompositions, and numerous new examples and exercises. This is the only introduction you’ll need to start programming in R, the computing standard for analyzing data.
Find out more information about this text and see what others have to say about it here.

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John Braun

W. John Braun is Deputy Director of the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute. He is also Professor and Head of the Departments of Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics and Stat...

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