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What does Shakespeare mean to you?

This weekend, 400 years after his death, Shakespeare was commemorated¬†all over the world. This in itself is a testament to the legacy left by the playwrite, who is recognised and loved by all. Our Shakespeare authors have been providing us with some intruiging insights on what Shakespeare means to them, and the wider culture today on our blog all month. Whether considering his contribution to the English language that is still used today, his influence on the book trade throughout history, or how his works are used to highlight and challenge gender inequality, Shakespeare’s influence can be seen everywhere, if you look hard enough.

Earlier this month at the London Book Fair, the Bard was honored with the ‘Shakespearience’ which included performances, readings, special events and promotions taking place throughout the Fair. We went along with Will himself in tow to ask people what Shakespeare means to them, and it cast further light on just how broad and all encompassing his legacy really is…


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