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Head or Tails? A look at the coinage of the Ancient World

Ancient coinage

The Hellenistic World: Using Coins as Sources is the first title in a new series from Cambridge, Guides to the Coinage of the Ancient World.

Coinage is a major source of evidence for the study of the ancient world but is often hard for those studying and teaching ancient history to grasp. Each volume in the new series (which is co-published with the American Numismatic Society) provides a concise introduction to the most recent scholarship and ideas for a commonly studied period or area, and suggests ways in which numismatic evidence may contribute to its social, political and economic history. The volumes are richly illustrated, with full explanatory captions, and so can also function as numismatic sourcebooks for the periods or areas in question.

Timeline of Coinage

Explore our coinage timeline which features just a small selection of the beautiful coins that feature in this new book by Peter Thonemann.

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