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Top 10 most read fifteeneightyfour blog posts of 2015

Andrew Martin

Top 10 fifteeneightyfour blog posts of 2015

The fifteeneightyfour blog has now entered its 8th year of regular posts, and as per the last few years, we take a look back through all of the near-200 posts from 158 different authors over the last 12 months to crunch the figures to find out which articles saw the most readers.

So, without further delay, here’s the top 10 articles from 2015 that saw the most readers:


10. Machiavelli & Madison

1024px-Portrait_of_Niccolò_Machiavelli_by_Santi_di_TitoAlissa M. Ardito‘s post from March compares two famous politicians who could not have been more different, but whose commitment to modernizing their republic governments grants them more in common than we thought.

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9. The Competing Narratives of Global Christianity

Xinjie_Christian_Church_01_2013-06In this article from March, author Stephen Offutt explores how the Christian evangelical movement has influenced communities from Beijing to Cape Town to Mexico City.

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8. Resistant Scholars

Resistant ScholarsThis post from February by David F. Lancy, author of one of last year’s most successful titles – The Anthropology of Childhood – from February, explores how the children of Peruvian Amazon can help us understand how our own children learn.

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7. Six Things You Need to Know about Your Reader’s Brain – Before You Write Anything

How the Brain WorksAuthor Yellowlees Douglas set out the 6 important points a writer should know about how our brains work before they put pen to paper/finger to keyboard.

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6. My Favourite Footnote to Mrs. Dalloway

Virginia-WoolfFebruary’s post by author Anne Fernald goes behind the scenes of the literary detective work involved in mapping out Virginia Woolf‘s allusions to Mrs. Dalloway, and explores the art of writing footnotes for a 20th century classic.

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5. State Strategies in International Bargaining

Image 1Author Heather Elko McKibben wrote this post for us back in February, explaining the fine art and complex politics of international negotiations, and how we play the negotiation game in our every day lives.

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4. Surprising Facts About the History of Chopsticks

ChopsticksThis post from March saw author Q. Edward Wang take us on a culinary journey through the history of the global dining phenomenon of Chopsticks.

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3. We’re Sorry, the Final Frontier is Closed

NASA_child_bubble_explorationCo-editor Gerry Canavan explored our fascination with outer-space from Star Trek to Guardians of the Galaxy, in this post from March. He charted the evolution of our bleak pop cultural view of living beyond Earth.

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2. Caricaturing Liberalism and the Politics of Laughter

Cartoonist Yesudasan

This blog post from January, by author Ritu Gairola Khanduri, tackled the complex global history and tension between cartoons and politics – a topical subject in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack just days beforehand.

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and finally…


1. The Legacy of the U.S. Civil War: 150 years Later

american civil war

This post from April saw 5 of our expert authors discuss the legacy of the US Civil War, both nationally and globally.

Authors Kathleen M. Hilliard, Susanna Michele Lee, Robert E. May, Laura F. Edwards, and Barton A. Myers each shared their views over a range of topics relating to the War.

It received almost twice as many views as its nearest rival.

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2015 in summary

2015 saw us commemorate the end of the Second World War, and once again mark Hallowe’en with some of the more ghoulish-themed titles from our lists.

Our readers continue to be predominantly from the USA, although over the last few years our readers have been coming from an increasing number of other countries (hello again to Vanuatu, and welcome to Swaziland!).

We also waved a sad goodbye to our fifteeneightyfour blog editor Rachel Ewen as she headed off to pastures new, after many years of talking to our authors and commissioning articles for this blog.

But, most importantly, thank you for reading fifteeneightyfour in 2015, and right now in 2016, and I hope that you’ll stay with us as we bring you more great articles, discussions and other content (yes, more interactive maps!) throughout this new year.


Happy New Year to you.

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