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2013: I Resolve to Read

Our new releases are tackling nuclear waste, Swiss history, Shakespeare’s identity, and almost everything in between. Here are a few titles to look out for this spring:

Alien Life Imagined: For almost as long as human beings have been gazing into the night sky, we’ve also been imagining who else might be out there. Mark Brake tells the compelling story of how the portrayal of extraterrestrial life (read: science fiction) has developed from Lucian to Kubrick as we envision what we might discover in the far reaches of space.

Beauty: A collection of essays that challenges conventional approaches to beauty in surprising ways, exploring symmetry in mathematics, attraction in the animal world, the cadence of sound, and beauty in the cosmos. These thought-provoking essays redefine classical beauty and highlight its unexpected prevalence.

CottonCotton: A crop and a fabric with a multifaceted story, cotton has created a massive global economy, connected far corners of the world, and shaped cultural developments for hundreds of years.

Wargames: From David and Goliath to chess matches, gladiatorial battles to video games, Martin van Creveld crosses millennia to offer a complete look at how wargames have developed, how these games have actually influenced our real-life wars, and what their endurance can tell us about our own civilizations.


The Cambridge Companion to Pride and PrejudiceThe Cambridge Companion to Pride and Prejudice: Check out this book with chapters on the novel’s characters, composition, critical reception, and adaptations to understand why Pride Prejudice has become the classic we are still reading and—admit it—loving 200 years later.

Some of these will be coming your way in the 2013 Cambridge Book Club series, so stay tuned. We kick off the Book Club on January 16 with Tested by Zion, the insider story of foreign policy in the Middle East by Elliott Abrams, a former top National Security Council officer in the Bush administration. Check back in for exclusive content like author Q&As, book giveaways, slideshows, and articles.

Our entire Spring 2013 catalog is available here. Happy New Year, and happy reading!

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