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Popular Music’s Greatest Hits Go Free

In celebration of its 30th volume, Cambridge Journal Popular Music invites everyone to download its ‘greatest hits’.

Popular Music is an international multi-disciplinary journal covering all aspects of the subject – from the formation of social group identities through popular music, to the workings of the global music industry, to how particular pieces of music are put together.

This year, Popular Music publishes its 30th volume. To celebrate, the editors have complied a selection of the journal’s most popular past papers, including:

The music that sets you free: the ideology of folk and the myth of the rock community
Simon Frith

‘Represent’: race, space and place in rap music
Murray Forman

Killing me softly with his song: an initial investigation into the use of popular music as a tool of oppression
Martin Cloonan and Bruce Johnson

Since its first edition was published in 1981, the journal has made an important contribution to the understanding of the special place that popular music holds in all our lives. The journal’s readership includes musicians, researchers and teachers in music, students of social and cultural studies, as well as media and communications, students at universities, colleges and music schools, music and humanities librarians and music journalists.

Popular Music covers all kinds of popular music, whether rap or rai, jazz or rock, from any historical era and any geographical location. Each edition brings together scholarly articles with topical pieces and reviews of a wide range of books.

The latest edition offers a typically eclectic mix of articles covering the languages of global hip-hop, the ‘other voices’ of Liverpool’s music scene from the 1930s to the 1970s, music video production in the Bolivian Andes and Dusty Springfield – ‘Queen of the Postmods’.

Download Popular Music‘s ‘greatest hits’ and feel free to share the link as widely as you can, as the greatest hits are available for everyone to download free of charge until 31st December 2011. Please use this URL http://bit.ly/peJbJz when sharing the link, so we can track usage.

Danny Davies
Senior Marketing Executive, Journals

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