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More Than Coke and Pretzels

Alex Beguin – Washington, DC

So we have finally reached the time when we can celebrate that spring is here. The weather is nice (or nicer than previous months), people are spending more time outside, and the frequency of cookouts and picnics will surely increase soon. This got me thinking about food within the rep world.

One of the major parts of a rep road trip, besides the catalogs, music, and maps, is food. Sure there are the stops at gas stations for junk food and that caffeinated beverage to fuel those next two hours on the highway, but the discovery of great food places around the country is an added bonus to this job. Here are some of my favorites near great bookstores and companies:

Right around the corner from Giovanni’s Room in Philadelphia, PA is Gianna’s Grille, a great place for a quick lunch: pizzas, cheesesteaks, etc. A second location, Gianna’s Jr., is near the small, yet well-stocked Joseph Fox Bookshop and impressive Penn Book Center near the UPenn campus.

The Loveless Café is a Nashville, TN must stop. A short road trip from Ingram, this is the place for great fried foods with Southern hospitality.

After a stop in at Regulator in Durham, NC it is easy to find a sweet treat at Locopops, one of the most interesting popsicle shops out there. The list of choices (such as mango chili) are unexpected, but quite refreshing and bamforth-2-beersenjoyable.

Located up the street from Malaprop’s in Asheville, NC, Rosetta’s Kitchen is probably one of the best vegetarian restaurants on the East Coast. They even have a dish called tempeh-lo wings.

I must admit it is easy to focus on food when Cambridge has put out two great food books in the past year that accounts are still buzzing about: Susan Pinkard’s A Revolution in Taste and Charles Bamforth’s Grape vs. Grain. So here’s to a celebration of food and a hope that we can all enjoy some good eats, drinks, and nice weather this spring. Then maybe we can all be as happy as Charles Bamforth!

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