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John Hagan Wins Criminology Prize

Cambridge author John Hagan’s research recently produced Darfur and the Crime of Genocide, which examines a 2004 US State department survey of the Darfur region. The results of this survey were never applied. His extensive work applying criminology to genocide won him the 2009 Stockholm Prize in Criminology.

‘In 2003-5, John Hagan pioneered the application of advanced crime measurement techniques to the study of genocide in his empirical work on violence in Darfur and in the Balkans. Using systematic methods of estimating crime volumes from victimization surveys administered in collaboration with the American Bar Foundation and the US State Department, Hagan and his colleagues found substantial under-counting of murders in previous estimates.’

Congratulations, Dr. Hagan; and many thanks for giving voice to those suffering in the Darfur region.

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