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Win a New Martin Gardner Book #3

Welcome back!

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The entries are really coming in. Thanks to everyone for entering!

Also, check out the interview with Gardner that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks.

Last week’s question asked how many planes, re-fueling in midair, are required for one circumnavigation, assuming that a full tank=1/2 the trip, and no lost time for re-fueling. Plus, they all have to return safely.

I had to pick this entry by Andrew McFarland because the title cracks me up every time. Putting the word “Plan” in quotation marks, the faded old paper, gas can icon, and old planes — it all amuses me so. Plus, he got the right answer, and depicted it very clearly.

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The Absent-Minded Teller

An absent-minded bank teller switched the dollars and cents when he cashed a check for Mr. Brown, giving him dollars instead of cents, and cents instead of dollars.

After buying a five-cent newspaper, Brown discovered that he had left exactly twice as much as his original check. What was the amount of the check?

Answer in the form below. Use “Gardner Week 3” in the subject line. If you wish to send an attachment, please email it to:

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