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Truth Comes With a Price

Marci Hamilton points us to a great Op Ed in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer:

Just imagine how tough it must be for an elected official in Harrisburg to stand up and shield sexual predators and church leaders and other authorities who covered up the abuse of children.

That must take guts – and unmitigated gall.

Yet, a Berks County lawmaker, Democratic State Rep. Thomas R. Caltagirone, is proving that he’s just the man for this dirty job.

As chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Caltagirone has put himself squarely in opposition to legislation that would enable victims to sue their abusers beyond the statute of limitations.

As in California and Delaware, where the first of these types of statutes were enacted, the Harrisburg proposal seeks to root out the truth about assaults by clergy, teachers, youth-group leaders, and the like – predators who, but for this law change, could not be held to account for long-ago assaults.


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