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Beer vs. Wine Fridays

Is it a moot debate?

A recent informal poll of Cambridge’s US marketing department shows a dead heat, with many baffled by the question right off the bat. Someone sneaks up behind your desk and says “Wine or beer, GO!” What would you say?

Most were taken aback, with baffled responses like “Well, my favorite beer is…” or “In the wintertime, I drink red wine but…” Does this point to the enlightenment of publishing-types? That we have the capacity to split our discriminating palates? What do you think? Is Charles Bamforth’s question a moot one?

Dr. Bamforth is zipping around and is unable to post today, though he did send along a couple fun facts for us.

Did you know?

The active ingredient that counters the blocking of the arteries is alcohol, so don’t go declaring wine as the sole ‘heart-healthy’ beverage.

One of the wines selected by experts in blind tasting of 2,300 products for the International Eastern Wine Competition (Corning NY) was Charles Shaw 2002 California Shiraz, price $1.99. The product is colloquially known as Two Buck Chuck.

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