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Weekly Link Round-up

It’s Friday! I don’t know about you folks, but I’ll be relaxing with the family. Always nice to see them in NYC.

What’s happened here last week? Read on:

i-was-wrong.jpgNick Smith, author of I Was Wrong has a busy few days ahead of him:

Sunday, he’ll be on CBC News Sunday‘s segment on “The Art of the Apology.”

Tuesday he will be in DC for The Diane Rehm Show.

Smith is both a philosopher interested in apologies and a former trial lawyer; suffice it to say he’ll have a lot to talk about in current politics, including the Eliot Spitzer affair. Tune in!

Far Eastern Economic Review posted a great piece about our own Bill Overholt’s Asia, America, and the Transformation of Geopolitics. Wondering whether the US is handling things well in the far East? Read on.

Globalization101.org hosted a Q&A with Susan Aaronson, author of Trade Imbalance. Aaronson discusses the always murky territory of trade and human rights.

Appellation Beer – the site and blog of author and beer lover Stan Hieronymus is reading Grape vs. Grain. He has his own thoughts about the beer/wine debate right up front today, and throughout the blog.

The excellent Good Grape is anticipating Bamforth’s book as well.

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