Fifteen Eighty Four

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The UNU-WIDER-CUP Elements series in Development Economics, Six Months On

Its been a busy six months since the launch of the UNU-WIDER-CUP Elements series in Development Economics in November 2022. Three titles have been published, the first was  The 1918–20 influenza...

Kunal Sen | 9 Jun 2023

Unaging: The Four Factors That Impact How You Age

Human aging is a remarkable process which takes us on a path through our lives often without notice. There are many losses of function that can occur with aging. What can we do to manage these declines...

Robert Friedland | 9 Jun 2023

Climate, Courts and Indian Moneylenders

The evil moneylender exploiting the vulnerable borrower is a recurring genre in popular fiction. Oliver Twist depicts moneylenders as crooked gangsters operating illegal businesses and luring impoverished...

Maanik Nath | 8 Jun 2023


Sophisticated legal systems compete with each other at a variety of levels. The prevalence of choice of law and choice of forum clauses favouring one state and its laws necessarily means its courts will...

Ahmed Al-Ahmed, Ilias Bantekas | 8 Jun 2023

“The Islamic Republic’s Staying Power: Politics and Institutions in Iran”

What are the sources of state strength in the Islamic Republic of Iran? This is the central question that animates this book. The current Iranian state, established in the aftermath of the 1978-1979 revolution,...

Mehran Kamrava | 6 Jun 2023

Guardrailing Retirement Choices for Investor Success

It’s hard to believe, but an increasing number of retirement plans are allowing employees to invest their 401(k) saving in non-conventional assets – including crypto currency funds and meme stocks. ...

Quinn Curtis, Ian Ayres | 6 Jun 2023

The First World War and the Middle Eastern Front

The First World War was a war of empires that started in the Balkans and ended in the Middle East. Yet, some historians still see this war as a mostly European story. Mapping the different fronts of the...

Michelle Tusan | 5 Jun 2023

That “Olde” Story: Faith and Reason

Blog #2 in the, Psychology and its Antecedents, series In the previous blog about the emergence of psychology at the expense of the traditional intellectual provinces of the older disciplines of...

James F. Brennan | 31 May 2023

When War Knocks on the Door: What Do Civilians Do?

WW2 Comparative History from BelowWritten by Claire Andrieu Unlike the objects of its title, the subject of this book did not fall from the sky. I did not set out to write a comparative history of...

Claire Andrieu | 31 May 2023

Reframing Rome and Italy during the early Roman expansion

What are the effects of empire-building, and how can we study them? With Making the Middle Republic, my two co-editors and I present a collection of papers emphasizing the importance of the fourth and...

Seth Bernard | 29 May 2023

No double game but a double bind for Vichy

In the many books, articles, debates and polemics about the Vichy French regime during the Second World War, one question remains curiously absent: why didn’t Vichy collaborate with Fascist Italy? Perhaps...

Karine Varley | 26 May 2023

Our Oceans are in Jeopardy! Can we trust the Rule of Law to fix it?

Several important legal events have happened to the ocean environment lately. The 29th of March 2023 was a historical day for the international rule of law to prevail. On this day, the United Nations...

Froukje Maria Platjouw, Alla Pozdnakova | 25 May 2023