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    Lost and Found Lunokhods

    Point of trivia: Lunokhod means moon walker in Russian. The Lunokhod 2 was a Russian Rover that landed on the moon in 1973, and to this day holds the record for the longest distance of surface travel on...

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    WIRED recalls the last swine flu outbreak

    WIRED posted an article last year about a 1976 swine flu outbreak. One casualty, and mass vaccinations, having recalled a deadly Spanish flu from after WWI. Read it here >> Read More ?

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    Highly (In)effective Terrorists

    We get news from Iraq, when it pierces the coverage of our tanking economy, that jihadists are scrambling to assert their cause against a population that is turning away from them. Surprising, but not...

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    NASA Goofed

    Umm… oopsie? Now, I’m not a rocket scientist. I don’t know how to make robots or use sensors or any of that kind of thing. I’m only mediocre at Fantastic Contraption. Anyway, with...

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