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    A “Super Depressing” Election?

    Shortly after the conclusion of the 2016 Vice-Presidential debate between Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence, Washington Post journalist Chris Cillizza’s described it as “super depressing”:...

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    How Are Elections Run?

    Ever since the meltdown in Florida starting on election day 2000, there has been a spotlight on how elections are run.  Since that time, the states have been the venue for many election reforms, lawsuits,...

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    NYT Op-Ed: Overspending Is a Bipartisan Affliction

    With tax season and budget cuts raining down on us, Jeffrey M. Stonecash takes a closer look at how New York state ended up drowning in debt in an op-ed for this weekend’s New York Times.  ——– The...

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    Senator Arlen Specter: Some Reactions

    Senator Arlen Specter, longtime Republican Pennsylvania Senator with an independent streak, has announced his intentions to seek re-election as a Democrat. Steven Smith is the Director of the Weidenbaum...

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