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  • 17 Jul 2023
    Robert Kubinec

    Arabs Want Democracy—But Not With Corruption

    Despite the costly efforts of Arab activists and citizens over the past decade of the Arab Uprisings, today no Arab state can claim to be fully democratic. Two countries, Egypt and Tunisia, traveled farthest down the path towards democracy, and Tunisia witnessed ten years of democratic elections–but today neither country protects the rights of citizens […]

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  • 29 Mar 2022
    Torben Iversen, Philipp Rehm

    An introduction to “Big Data and the Welfare State”

    A central function of the state is to provide insurance against the vagaries of life and markets, such as accidents, ill health, old age, or unemployment. Collectively, these mandatory risk pooling arrangements are known as social insurance, or the welfare state. According to influential accounts in the literature, the welfare state exists because (social) insurance […]

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  • 4 Dec 2020
    Robert H. Bates

    The Nature of Polities in the Developing World

    When faced with phenomena that we find difficult to understand, we often turn to the past. Our understanding of the latter enables us to frame and dissect the events unfolding before us. I am a political scientist and I study development. But in contrast to many, when doing so, I turn to the past. For […]

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  • 21 Jul 2020
    Janina Grabs

    The stories behind your cup of coffee – are standards selling sustainability short?

    For many academics, the workday begins with a cup of coffee. Next time you fill up the machine – possibly still bleary-eyed – take a closer look at the coffee package: can you see a sustainability label such as Rainforest Alliance’s frog or Fairtrade’s little figurine? Have you ever wondered what stands behind those sustainability […]

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  • 23 Jun 2020
    Madhusudan Datta

    Reform and the Structure of the Indian Economy

    The Indian economy traversed a rising growth trajectory for three decades since the turn of the 1970s. It has been observed that growth came mostly from the service sector. The question that haunted economists is: can the service sector of an underdeveloped country maintain such momentum when manufacturing fails to get charged up in spite […]

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  • 15 Oct 2018
    Jocelyn Pixley

    Central Banks, Democratic States and Financial Power

    When the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of England purchased bank and state debt during the 2007–2008 crisis, it became apparent that, when technically divorced from fiscal policy, monetary policy cannot revive but only prevent economic activity deteriorating further. Pixley explains how conflicting social forces shape the diverse, complex relations of central banks […]

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  • 14 Dec 2017
    Vito Tanzi

    What economic role should the state promote in a market economy?

    Vito Tanzi, renowned economist and author of Termites of the State, discusses the industrialized world's economic development during the 20th century to today...

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  • 14 Apr 2017
    Mark A. Zupan

    How Government Insiders Subvert the Public Interest

    Mark A. Zupan, author of Inside Job, discusses whether democracy - government by the people - can ensure government for the people.

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