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    A Multitude of Months: the many cycles of the Moon

    For most of us, a month is a page on a calendar, a set of 30, 31, 28, or, in rare cases, 29 days. But for an astronomer a month is a period of time associated with a cycle of the moon. It turns out that...

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    Image Courtesy NASA

    The Great American Eclipse

    The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) both place great emphasis on public engagement, giving back to the taxpayers who support space exploration. When NASA...

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    The New Moon

    Thank you to all of our readers who sent along their lunar photos as part of this summer's "Shoot the Moon" contest! Browse the beautiful submissions below, and don't miss our latest amateur astronomy...

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    Photography Contest: Shoot the Moon

    As you get excited about our forthcoming book The New Moon, take advantage of warm summer nights and bring your cam...

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    Water on the Moon!

    Remember NASA’s LCROSS probe that smacked into the lunar pole a little while back? Analysis of the dust kicked up showed “significant amounts” of water! Nice work, folks. The report >> Read More ?

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