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Fifteen Eighty Four


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  • 16 May 2023
    Péter Bokody

    Politics of Sexual Violence?

    The HBO series Game of Thrones is perhaps the most recent expression of the general view that the Middle Ages were rape-prone. Humiliation and exploitation of female (and male) characters repeatedly come together with direct sexual violence, which is only partially reframed through a series of revenge-sequences in the last season. The cinematic quality of […]

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  • 9 Feb 2023
    Jennifer M. S. Stager, Nandini B. Pandey

    A Conversation with Jennifer Stager, author of Seeing Color in Classical Art

    Nandini Pandey (author of The Poetics of Power in Augustan Rome, 2018) stepped out with Jennifer Stager (Seeing Color in Classical Art, 2022) for a walk around the Johns Hopkins University campus in Baltimore, MD and a conversation about Stager’s new book. NP: Tell me about your book. What are some of the big questions […]

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  • 3 Nov 2022
    Anthi Andronikou

    Art before museums, galleries, the press, and the internet. How did artistic exchange work in the medieval Mediterranean?

    The medieval Mediterranean was a sea of exchange of cultures, religions, commodities, and worldviews. With a focus on monumental and panel painting, Italy, Cyprus, and Artistic Exchange in the Medieval Mediterranean probes issues of cultural transmission through a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. It is a product of almost ten years of research; it began as […]

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