Author: Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin

Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin is Professor in Shakespeare Studies at the Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, Vice President of the Société Française Shakespeare and Director of the 'Institut de Recherche sur la Renaissance, l'âge Classique et les Lumières' (IRCL, UMR 5186 CNRS). She is co-editor-in-chief of the international journal Cahiers Élisabéthains and co-director, with Patricia Dorval, of the Shakespeare on Screen in Francophonia Database. She has published The Unruly Tongue in Early Modern England, Three Treatises (2012) and is the author of Shakespeare's Insults: A Pragmatic Dictionary (2016). She is co-editor, with Sarah Hatchuel, of the Shakespeare on Screen series.

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