Remote Teaching Webinar Series


We live in extraordinary times. Nothing like this has ever disrupted how our society functions so completely before. We are isolated, stressed and distracted and living in fear of catching a disease that could kill us. I am grateful that we have the tools to stay connected with each other as individuals and as communities despite the lack of hugs.

For us as educators, those tools are both great news and additional stressors.  It’s fantastic that we have the ability to connect with our students in various ways but that also means that we have to connect with them in ways many of us have never explored or wanted to explore before.

This webinar series begins with the smallest of steps away from the lectures you are used to delivering, reflects on the technology available to you and examines how we can use the tools to teach effectively remotely. After that, we build on individual teaching instances and look at the bigger picture of how to create a very simple course in time for the next academic year, how to use self-access materials to support your time online live with your students. We finish with managing communities and managing your time so you don’t end up overworking and burning out.

Having spent a lot of my career working with faculty helping them to get their programmes partially or wholly online in a pedagogically sound way, I’ve noticed that we can’t talk about pedagogy until the question of which buttons to press has been settled. To that end, each webinar is supported by materials about the tech that you can access in advance so that you can concentrate on what’s best for you and students during the session. There is also an optional activity afterwards to practice putting what you’ve learned into practice straight away.

Webinar DateTechnologyPedagogy
Maintaining student engagement remotely
Thursday, April 30
2-3pm GMT
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Web conferencing
Creating a survey
Actively managing the conversation with students
Asking the right questions
Asking questions the right way
Communicating your ideas online
Thursday, May 7
2-3 GMT
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Sharing and organising links in Moodle
Creating video using phone/panopto/screencast
Editing video in Camtasia
Creating accessible documents
Creating effective videos
Asynchronicity and timelines
Keep the conversation going
Thursday, May 14
2-3 GMT
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Peer review using forums, Moodle, Flipgrid
Digital feedback, text, audio, video
Web conferencing accessibility

Focussing live discussions
Giving Feedback
Fostering autonomy
Creating effective online discussion tasks
Gathering feedback
Planning your course
Thursday, May 21
2-3 GMT
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Basic learning design template

Deciding what to focus on in live sessions and the best way to deliver other material before/after
Office Hours
Creating and managing your community
Thursday, May 28
2-3 GMT
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Breakout rooms
Creating and managing effective online discussions
Managing timelines
Managing your time

I hope you’ll join us for some or all of the sessions, and share your thoughts and experiences. I look forward to seeing you there!

To find out more about the series, and to register for the webinars above please click here.

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