An Interactive Journey through 1968 with LBJ

Written by: Kyle Longley


Explore one of the most turbulent years in US History with Kyle Longley


Anyone who was alive in 1968 United States likely remembers all of these events in vivid detail.

Kyle Longley, the author of LBJ’s 1968: Power, Politics, and the Presidency in America’s Year of Upheaval , gives a preview of the crises, tragedies and disasters chronicled in his book.

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About the Author: Kyle Longley

Kyle Longley is the Snell Family Dean's Distinguished Professor of History and Political Science at Arizona State University. He is the author of numerous books, including In the Eagle's Shadow: The United States and Latin America (2002), Senator Albert Gore, Sr. (2004), and The Morenci Marines: A Tale of a Small Town and the Vietnam War (2015). ...

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