How Would Ernie Say It? Send Us Your Best Hemingway Interpretations


We want to hear/see your most creative interpretations of the Letters of Ernest Hemingway.


To coincide with release of a new edition of The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Cambridge University Press is asking you to send in your own creative interpretation of one of the letters featured in the book.

Please email [email protected] if interested and we will send you five separate letters to choose from, all greatly varying in theme and sentiment.

Can’t choose a letter? Multiple entries ARE allowed and welcome.

Record yourself on video reading one of the letters (memorization is not required) and channel your inner Papa.

Remember, creativity is encouraged, as are costumes, background music, extras and anything else you would like to try!

The videos will be promoted by Cambridge University Press and voted on through our website, with prizes for the top winners, which would include eternal bragging rights and resume note naming yourself as the Best Hemingway Letter Reenactor in the World.

And you never know, this could help you one day land the starring role in that remake of A Farewell to Arms!

Have fun!


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