Madelyn Detloff on The Value of Virginia Woolf

Written by: Madelyn Detloff


Filmed at the MLA conference 2016, author of The Value of Virginia Woolf, Madelyn Detloff, spoke to us about the significance of Woolf in society and the study of Literature today, and why Woolf continues to have such enduring appeal.


In The Value of Virginia Woolf, Madelyn Detloff explores the writings of Virginia Woolf from her early texts to her challenging and inventive novels.

Detloff demonstrates why Woolf has enduring value for our own time, both as a defender of modernist experimentation and as a novelist of innovation and poetic vision who also exhibits moments of intense insight and philosophical depth.

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About the Author: Madelyn Detloff

Madelyn Detloff is Associate Professor of English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Miami University. She is the author of The Persistence of Modernism: Loss and Mourning in the Twentieth Century and has published widely in such journals as Hypatia, Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, ELN, Literature Compass, the MLA Approach...

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