Discovering the Deep Photo Contest


Thanks to everyone who submitted to our photo contest for Discovering the Deep! And the winner is…

Shore crab with eggs.JPG (Tom Hartman)

Shore crab with eggs
Photo by: Tom Hartman

Taken on the beach at Filey Brigg, Yorkshire, UK with a Fujifilm HS50 bridge camera. The crab, Carcaenus maenas, was carrying her hoard of eggs in anticipation of them hatching.

Here are the runners up:

Picture1-Mineralization.JPG (Christian Schardt)

Photo by: Chistian Schardt

Seafloor hydrothermal massive sulfide mineralization. Pillow basalt is covered by massive sulfide mineralization and showing beginning sulfide oxidation (Hatta, Oman). 

Nikon D80, 24 mm focal length, ISO 200, aperture 3.9, F9, 1/125s

Pinaciophra marina

Pinaciophora marina, Pacific Ocean Canada
Photo by: Kenneth H. Nicholls

Scanning electron microscopic image of two “shell” casings of Pinaciophora marina consisting of overlapping circular scales (4.5 µm diam.) “manufactured” within a single-celled amoeba. Found in Pacific Ocean sediments, British Columbia, Canada. Previously unknown, P. marina was officially described (new species) in J. Mar. Biol. Assoc. UK (2013) 93: 2011-1229.

Collected: Pacific Ocean, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), British Columbia. Discovered with optical microscope (400x mag.) and isolated with a micropipette; transferred to an Al SEM stub, air dried and vacuum coated with a thin layer of Au for viewing and image capture in SEM. The blue-black background (WordPerfect Presentations) was added to the original grey-scale image.

Congratulations, and thanks to all who submitted photos! All of the images will be posted on our Flickr page next week.

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