The Technology of WWI


Behind the Military Advancements

The Great War was also one of the first modern wars, involving advanced combat technology like gas, submarines, machine guns, and tanks. Explore the fascinating technological advancements that made World War I one of the greatest—and deadliest—conflicts in history.


68,000 tons of gas was released by the Germans in WWI

30 different types of gases were used in combat in WWI

274 German U-boats sank 6,596 ships in WWI

The 100 lb Maxim Machine Gun fired up to 600 rounds per minute

The first prototype tank used in WWI was nicknamed "Little Willie"

Tanks were originally called "landships" to disguise them as water storage tanks

The Western Front had a trench network stretching nearly 25,000 miles

In order to turn quickly, WWI pilots had to momentarily turn off the engine

The front lines of WWI were home to more than 500,000 messenger pigeons

"Big Bertha" was the Germans' 48 ton howitzer in WWI

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