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This Side of the Pond has had a major makeover...check out our new and improved Cambridge blog!


Your friendly blog from the Cambridge New York office has got a new name, a new look, and some new staff members. We’ve partnered with our colleagues across the pond so that we can bring you more content based on the finest scholarship in the world.

Operating continuously since 1584, Cambridge University Press is the oldest publisher in the world, with thousands of esteemed academic authors and important titles. On this new global blog, we continue our project of presenting academic perspectives and hosting a global discussion on the latest news in culture, politics, and the sciences.

So with a “welcome aboard” to our Cambridge, UK team, we urge you to explore the new site—don’t miss this month’s Book Club (we’re reading On Dissent) and it’s not too late to get caught up with Summer Stargazing!

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