Fifteen Eighty Four

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Totally Judging Books by Their Covers

“Look at that adorable doggie tush!” -Danielle P., College Textbooks

“The cover really conveys the main points of the book perfectly.” -Adam L., Marketing

“I love everything about this cover. I want a colossal print hanging in my all white
living room of the future.”-Amy S., Publicity

 “My current fave.” -Lili S., Publicity

“I’m fond of this one, but I think it may be because the title is so funny and I like those little toes!” -Marie C., Library Marketing

“This cover is so elegant yet so macabre to me. It’s rumored that he died by cyanide
poisoning, and when he was found, a half-eaten apple was found by his
bed.” –Frances B., Publicity

“And let us not forget the classic…” -Adam L., Marketing

 “I don’t know why this cover image was chosen, but for me, this is hilarious. This shows a group of “gateball” players…Gateball is typically known as a sport for old people in Japan.”-Keiko H., Library Marketing


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