October is Bjørn Lomborg Month!


Bjørn Lomborg has been known for stirring up controversy. Ever since the release of the 2001 bestseller, The Skeptical Environmentalist, Lomborg has made headlines by challenging mainstream concerns about the environment and pointing out that we need to focus attention on the most immediate problems first, such as fighting malaria and HIV/AIDS.

To celebrate the launch of Lomborg’s latest book, Smart Solutions to Climate Change, we are excited to announce that October is Bjørn Lomborg Month at Cambridge! Next Friday, October 1st, we will launch a brand-spanking new mini-site dedicated to all things Lomborg. There, you can read up on not only the new book, but also weigh in with YOUR thoughts on the best solutions to climate change. Participants in our weekly blog discussions and Twitter contests are automatically entered for our free book giveaways and other sweet prizes.

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