College Football is Big Business


Writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, authors of Mission and Money Burton Weisbrod and Evelyn D. Asch reveal the incentives that steer college coaches in directions that may be at odds with the institutional mission.

Pity the college football coach. With all those talented student-athletes, how much energy and time should he spend on the student versus the athlete?

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About the Author: Burton A. Weisbrod

Burton A. Weisbrod is co-author of Mission and Money (2010) and To Profit or Not to Profit (2000, as well as author of nearly 200 articles in journals such as the American Economic R...

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About the Author: Evelyn D. Asch

Evelyn D. Asch is the co-author of Mission and Money (2010). She is Research Coordinator at the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University. She has also taught research and writing in the humanities and social sciences at Loyola University Chicago, DeP...

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