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BEA Is Coming!

Book Expo America is Coming to Los Angeles

Will you be there? I won’t, but Cambridge will! I went last year and had a great time, but this year I’ll begetting married instead, so I think that’s a reasonable excuse. Anyway, On to the fun stuff:

Our booth number is 1346. Come say hello!

Charles Bamforth, author of Grape vs. Grain will be at our booth in the afternoon of Saturday, May 31. Come meet one of the greatest brewing scientists alive, and talk about the culture and taste of his favorite beverages, beer and wine. He’ll probably have samples on hand for… uh, SCIENCE!

That’s just part of the action. You may not know this, but Cambridge is home of the Darwin Correspondence Project. Deep in the bowels of the University Library is a glass and steel climate-controlled room full of pretty much ALL of Darwin’s personal letters. What does that mean for you? Origins and Evolution are already available, and the beautiful Charles Darwin: The Beagle Letters is on the way. Yes, the great naturalist was young once. A confused 19-year-old with little direction, until he wound up on that famous boat on a 2-year (oops, make that 5-year) journey. We’ve got the full scoop of what’s to come as we roll out the letters and as his 200th birthday approaches.

Questions? Let us know!

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