May 8, Anchor Brewery: Book Launch – Grape vs. Grain


anchor.jpgCome meet Charles Bamforth and hear about his new book: Grape vs. Grain at a most fitting venue, Anchor Brewery, San Francisco, CA. The event is free.

May 8, 2008


1705 Mariposa Street

bamforth-cover.gifHe’ll be talking about the main point of inquiry in the book; a simple question:

Why is wine considered to be refined, sophisticated, and high-brow, whereas beer is supposedly simple and low-brow?

Bamforth is a master brewer — one of the best. He is the Anheuser-Busch Chair of Brewing and Malting at UC Davis, and head of the Food Sciences Department. But Grape vs. Grain isn’t all science. Bamforth explores the culture behind both beer and wine, as well how they’re made and health benefits, with liberal doses of history and trivia to boot.

The brewery is on Potrero Hill at the intersection of Mariposa and De Haro. Come for a rousing discussion and stay for the signing.

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